This site details an end to end IoT system utilising Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology and a number of different Texas Instruments LaunchPads using Wi-Fi.

Included are all the components you would expect in a typical telemetry based sensor scenario that is utilising affordable embedded microcontrollers connected to various sensors. For example a wireless sensor network utilised in machine health monitoring.

The architecture allows for a hyperscaled ingestion system (millions of messages/second), near real-time streaming analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Code and instuctions are available on GitHub.

Are you interesting in a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), 6LoWPAN and ZigBee based solution?
Then please visit the Microsoft Azure + Texas Instruments SensorTag Proof of Concept (under development)

Solution Architecture

Microsoft Azure + Texas Instruments LaunchPad Architecture
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The Texas Instruments LaunchPad sends telemetry including simulated temperature and humidity readings, alternatively telemetry can be produced via an Azure Web Site webpage using a fake telemetry generator. The telemetry is then ingested by Azure Event Hub and processed by Azure Stream Analytics in near real time, the processed telemetry is then stored in an Azure SQL Server Table. One table stores telemetry that has just been processed, where as another table stores averaged temperature and humidity data, along with the data count for a 5 minute tumbling window.

Alerts can be generated via a Stream Analytics query that compares values stored in a SQL Database Table, these alert details are sent to Event Hub and can be used to generate an SMS, email or phone alert using an Azure API App and an External System like Twilio. Alternatively notification can be sent to Mobile Apps and be viewed as a  Smart Watch Alert.

Live data can be viewed in a moving graph as Stream Analytics send processed data to Power BI. Newly stored processed telemetry can also be viewed as it arrives via an Azure Web App webpage as can averages for time periods.

A predictive model is created using Azure Machine Learning and made available as a web service. The model can be queried from an Azure Website webpage to determine whether a system requires maintenance. Azure Stream Analytics can also query the predictive models via the Azure Machine Learning Web Service and hence provide near real-time predictions for many different scenarios.

Texas Instruments LaunchPads





Tiva C Series

3200 LaunchPad MSP432 LaunchPad MSP430F5529 LaunchPad MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad Tiva C Series LaunchPad

Integrated Wi-Fi

CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack

CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack

CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack

CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack

The Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad is a low cost ($30) development board that includes at its heart the industry's first single chip programmable Wi-Fi microcontroller, built on an industry-standard ARM Cortex-M4 core running at 80 MHz.

The Texas Instruments MSP432 LaunchPad provided both high performance and low power. Built on a 48MHz ARM Cortex M4F core and offering advanced peripheral selection ubcluding a 14-bit 1MSPS differential SAR ADC and AES256 accelerator for only $12.99

The Texas Instruments MSP430F5529 LaunchPad icludes an integrated full-speed USB 2.0 (HID/MSC/CDC) for creating PC-connected applications. Low power operation makes it great for battery-operated applications. The fastest MSP430 @ 25MHz for only $12.99

The Texas Instruments MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad is the lowest power MSP430 with ultra-low power active and standby. Integrated 64KB FRAM for fast non-volatile memory writes. Advanced peripherals including a 12-bit differential SAR ADC and AES256 accelerator for $15.99

The Texas Instruments Tiva C Series LaunchPad offers an 80-MHz, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with floating point, 256 KB flash and a wide range of peripherals including motion control PWMs, 1-MSPS ADCs, 8 UARTs, 4 SPIs, 4 I2Cs, USB H/D/OTG, and up to 27 timers for only $12.99

IoT open source code provided

IoT open source code provided

IoT open source code under development

IoT open source code under development

IoT open source code under development

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Texas Instruments CC3100 BoosterPack

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Create Telemetry

Create fake telemetry from a web page that is ingested by Event Hub and processed by Stream Analytics.

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View Processed Telemetry

View processed telemetry that has been stored in an SQL Database Table.

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Predict Outcomes

Query the predictive model developed from the telemetry. Other Machine Learning examples.

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 CC3200 LaunchPad

Provides further details on the Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad.

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